Kilifi, Kenya

At the heart of the design concept for Kilifi Residence is the integration of sustainable strategies and a deep appreciation for local culture. The architectural vision revolves around creating a space that fosters seamless indoor-outdoor living, utilizing shading strategies and vernacular materials to ensure climate control and comfort.

The second floor of Kilifi Residence showcases a distinctive breezeblock facade, a nod to traditional architectural elements prevalent in the region. These intricate breezeblocks not only add texture and visual interest but also aid in natural ventilation, allowing cool breezes to flow through the living spaces.

The whimsical blue columns that zigzag like a sculpture, supporting the second floor with artistic flair. These vibrant columns not only serve a structural purpose but also add a playful touch to the architectural composition, becoming a focal point of the design.

Status: Work-In-Progress - Schematic Design
Size: 5,700 SF
Location: Kilifi, Kenya, Africa

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